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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to reserve a simulator in advance or can I just walk-in?

We strongly recommend if you’re looking to come out that you reserve a simulator at least 24 hours or later in advance to make sure you secure you and/or your groups spot. You can reserve a simulator by either calling us at +254 720 973 658 / +254 716 804 327 or online through the website. We take walk-ins, but we cannot guarantee that there will be an open simulator for you when you arrive. For those that are willing to wait for a simulator to open up

How accurate are your simulators?

A: Our Foresight GC2 and 1 Foresight GC2 launch monitors give you ball and club data with eye-opening accuracy and reliability. Since they are so accurate they are also used by world renown instructors including Butch Harmon, the worlds top golf teacher, at the Butch Harmon School of Golf. The GC2 uses a stereoscopic pair of ultra-high speed cameras to directly measure the movement of the golf ball at impact. The GC2 takes up to 26 images of the golf ball in the initial 12 inches of ball flight and directly measures:

What is the dress code at your facility? Do I need to wear golf shoes/golf attire?

Casual attire is allowed. Golf shoes/Golf Attire is not required, but you may wear if that is what is comfortable to you. If you have any questions regarding appropriate attire, feel free to give us a call

How long does it usually take to play 9/18 holes, 2-4+ people?

The estimated pace of play can be found on the “Simulator Play” page of the website.

Can I bring my own food and/or beverages?

Yes, we do have select Pepsi products on site as well as an assortment of snacks that include chips, crackers, and candy. We also will allow food deliveries if you wish to order something while you are playing. We are a BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer) establishment, but please be responsible and respectful of other players at the facility.

How does putting work on the simulators? Are there options to turn putting off?

When it comes to putting on the Foresight GC2’s you approach your putts just you would your other shots during your round. By default there is a gimmie system built into the simulator that is set at 6 feet. You have the ability to change the gimmie distance to whatever distance you want. There are also 3 other putting methods that are available to players, Auto Putt, Fast Putting, and Manual Putting. Auto Putt allows you to play without putting at all. What it will do is determine based upon how close or far away you are once you hit the green how many putts it will take you until the ball is holed. Fast Putting is very similar to Auto Putt, but with Fast Putting players will hit 1 putt once on the green and your remaining distance if the ball is not holed will determine how many putts it will take you until the ball is holed. With Manual Putting, players are given the ability to select the number of putts to add to your score for the hole. Below is the breakdown of how many strokes will be added based upon distance remaining when using Auto Putt or Fast Putting:

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