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Our Story

Our Story

Founder & CEO Winnie Wangari Ngethe Global Wellness & Lifestyle (K) Ltd dual citizen of both Kenya and the United States of America. A mother of one son Ngethe Thairo Jr. An entrepreneur, and an investor. I run and operated Home Care business for 15 year in the United States.I started the journey of relocation back home (Kenya) five years ago; when I would come home at least twice or three times a year.

Why Wellness, Fitness and Lifestyle?

In 2013 I read an article on CNN international Africa; predicting and plotting for Africa’s Pharmaceutical BOOM; that really made me think that if I brought wellness, fitness and lifestyle changes back home most of us would stay away from popping the pills that was being predicted that due to our changing lifestyles in Africa. I then made a decision to invest in fitness and golf. That was the beginning of Global Wellness & Lifestyle (K) Ltd which was registered February 2014 in Kenya. I registered Global Wellness & Lifestyle Company with the intent to have a unique Fitness, Indoor Golf facility here in Kenya.


I believe that golf is truly therapeutic and a great sport. When we were growing up our late dad Jidraph Ngethe Thairo joined the Vet Lab Golf Club. Dad was always in such high spirits when he would go to play golf at Vet Lab and when he returned he was still in very joyful mood. Thus the interest for me from an early age to find out what was this that made dad so happy.

I never had the opportunity to play golf in Kenya, before I left for the USA. I learned how to play golf at a Pro Shop in the USA that had a driving range and an indoor golf simulator. When it was cold outside we would practice on the simulator. That’s where the interest of investing in indoor golf simulator and bringing it to Kenya when I returned home started.

I finally returned home from the USA in 2018 to finally engage in business. Since then some of my family members have invested into The Nairobi Golf Simulator concept a BRAND of Global Wellness & Lifestyle (K) Ltd. Thus locating space at the Rosslyn Riviera Mall with the intention on starting with one of our brands which is the Nairobi Golf Simulator an indoor golf facility.

The Nairobi Golf Indoor Golf Facility is a Learning and Training facility located at Rosslyn Riviera Mall 1st Floor. It is the first one of its kind in Kenya, East and Central Africa with Togo being the first one in West Africa. Our GC2 launch Monitor and Head Measurement Technology (HMT) is one of the world’s famous launch monitor used by PGA Pros to practice and get real time data analysis of their game.

Our Mission

Our culture at Nairobi Golf Simulator is rooted in a belief that true mastery of the game comes from countless enjoyable hours of high quality practice.

We welcome professional golfers, amateur golfers, junior and aspiring golfers who are devoted to the sport of golf.

Our Simulator is powered by Foresight Sports Europe leader in indoor golf technology.

Authorized PING retailer in Kenya

PING Certified Club Custom Fitters

Our People

We are people oriented with high wisdom of working with people from diverse backgrounds.

Certified Custom Club Fitters with passion with the game of golf.

Over 30yrs of combined Administrative, Marketing, Customer Care and Management skills.

Golf Year Round On Our Indoor Golf Simulators