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About Nairobi Golf Simulator

Nairobi Golf Simulator is an indoor golf facility providing Indoor Golf to the Golfing community in Kenya. The facility serves as a practice and training center featuring state of the art club fitting done with Industry leading Foresight GC2 + HMT simulator. The Nairobi Golf Simulator powered by FORESIGHT SPORTS EUROPE is first of its kind in Kenya, East Africa, West and General Africa.

Foresight Sports simulators allows players to practice or play over 20 golf courses around the world and hold skills competitions such as long drive and closest to the pin contests. The fully interactive practice and club fitting modes allow golfers to practice on the virtual driving range.

Foresight Sports simulators enable players to take on many world’s best most exclusive courses around the world even in prevailing weather conditions using the world’s most realistic intuitive virtual golf software. Players are able to play the course, work on their game year round, or compete in skill-building competitions.

Foresight Sports Golf Simulator

Foresight Sports golf simulator is the industry leading GC2 + HMT launch monitor. The GC2 + HMT uses a stereoscopic pair of ultra-high speed cameras to directly measure the movement of the golf ball at impact. The GC2 + HMT takes up to 26 images of the golf ball in the initial 12 inches of ball flight and directly measures:

  • Ball speed
  • Launch angle
  • Direction

  • Side spin
  • Back spin

The Foresight Sports Performance Simulation software provides all the modes for:

  • Social game play
  • Societies and corporate golf Completions
  • Practice and self-analysis
  • Coaching One On One

  • Custom Club fitting
  • Gap testing and optimization
  • Ball fitting
  • Nearest the pin contests

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